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wedding dress dry-cleaning

Whether your dress is second hand, needs a freshen up before the wedding, or you’re lucky enough to get to wear it more than

once – we will make sure your dress is cleaned to the highest of standards using the gentlest methods. Our wedding dress

dry-cleaning team individually asses each gown and use different techniques and cleaning methods to achieve the best

results individual to your gown.


Traditional Style - The vast majority of dresses we clean fit into this criteria and we have 2 basic prices for this type

of dress based wholly on the fullness of the style of the dress itself being £110.00 and increasing to £135.00 for a

larger fuller dress, or possibly a silk fabric or a full circle style skirt.  With the exception of top to toe bead

embellishments, the beading does not influence the price of the cleaning of these type of dresses

Princess Style -Often described as HUGE when I ask (wish I could think of a nicer way to put this!)  Hollywood Dreams/Mori Lee/Ronald Joyce are recognisable designers of this style  £145.00

Top to Toe Beaded - Often a column style dress but with a mass of intricate beadwork   £165.00

Simple sheath/column style - perhaps with small train - £95