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Whether your wedding dress is vintage or brand new, beaded or lace, too large or too small, it can be revamped,

refashioned and restyled to fit you perfectly. If it’s the hem that needs lengthening or shortening, or the waistline

which needs adjusting in or out, we can bring your wedding dress up to date to suit your wishes with our flawless

wedding dress alterations.

Wedding Gowns - Silk, Satin, Taffeta Prices from
Straight skirt-alter hem £40
full skirt-alter hem (front only) £50
full skirt-alter hem (all around) £70
Wedding Gowns - Chiffon Prices from
Straight skirt single layer - alter hem £55
Full skirt single layer - alter hem (front only) £60
Full skirt single layer-alter hem (all around) £80
Wedding Gowns - Tuille Prices from
Full skirt - alter hem (front only) £60
Full skirt - alter hem (all around) £80
Wedding Gowns - General Prices from
Take in/out at zip £40
Zipped backs made to corset £60
Take in/out sides £30
Boned bodice - take in/out sides £45
Simple darts in/out £25
Bust darts to stop neck gape £35
Sleeves - take in/out £25
Shorten sleeves £30
Lift shoulders without sleeves £30
Lift shoulders with sleeves £50
Lift shoulders with sleeves £50
Insert bra strap carriers £10
Alter length of underskirt £10

Bridesmaids/prom Prices from
Adult hem (front only) £25
Child hem (front only) £15
Adult hem (all around) £35
Child hem (all around) £20
Adult lift shoulders £25
Child lift shoulders £15
Adult sides in/out £30
Child sides in/out £15
Adult take in/out sides boned bodice £30

A few important T&Cs Please take a moment to read they not so fun BUT important terms and conditions regarding the dress alteration service that Sewing Boutique offer.

Please note that failure to adhere to our terms may incur additional costs:

All alterations require a 50% deposit of the full price.

appointments must be booked in advanced around 8-6 weeks before the wedding please contact us by email or telephone to arrange a suitable slot:

email us 

tel:01472 488 530

Please note, that these prices are only estimates and will vary according to types of fabric, garment construction and length of time spent during fittings.

For restyling and major alterations, please ask for an estimate. Appointment time spent on each dress is approximately 20min. Please arrive on time for your appointment.

Please note that due to lack of space on our premises you can only be accompanied by up to three people to your appointment.

Please bring the underwear you intend to wear on your wedding day to your first and subsequent fittings; the correct bra is essential as the dress will be fitted around it. Shoes must also be brought in if the dress needs to be hemmed. If this is not possible please at least bring shoes of the same height although in this case please note we will require you to sign a disclaimer for any work done to the hem length in case this changes in your shoes.